For more than 4 years, Fundacion Corazon del Padre (The Father's Heart Foundation) has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for the hungry, needy, orphaned and abandoned children. 

You can make a difference in some one's life, all it takes is a willing selfless soul and heart. 

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Our vision

Urgent NEEDS

Our Mission

Our Missionary families are very low on their personal support, providing for their daily needs enables them to continue with their ministry to the needy and the Orphans. Please consider  supporting a missionary today.

Establish families with charitable couples living together in a sustainable Father’s Heart community, embracing the orphaned and abandoned children as their own, teaching the Father-heart of God. 

Bringing hope to the hopeless and leading the orphan to the Father Heart of God.    

Find JOY in helping others

Meet Our Team

The Okuruts


The Barlows

Administration and Education

2013-2014 Projects

1. childcare -- Family house

2. Security    -- Security wall 

3. Sustainability-- greenhouse

4. Education -- Special needs

Bringing hope to the hopeless  and leading the orphan to the father heart of God